• Event planning: The Futures Conference – what will information centres be like 2027 and beyond? (internal with external vendors) (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Develop and implement a strategy for Marketing Information Management Services (internal) (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Manage development of Altmetric disease dashboards (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • “Copyright is not a game” (game development) (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Development of a transformational Vendor Decision Matrix (Pharmaceutical Industry)




  • Manage transition from an internal services model to a partnered services business model (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Continue development of text mining business model with publishers and content aggregators (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Program committee: Compliance in der Unternehmenspraxis (DGI-Practice Days)




  • Copyright compliance: develop an e-learning module for internal usage (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Implementation of reprints ordering tool: to lower spend on reprints by agglomerating reprints requests from across the company (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Global Library Services Survey: to understand the value of externally published information delivered to customer; what are the needs, how is content accessed, analysed, processed and shared (Pharmaceutical Industry)


  • Copyright compliance: develop basic training module for a corporate organisation; translate into German; implement training across organisation (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Article repository: build a reference database for articles authored by company employees (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Intranet: develop departmental intranet; collaborate with IT to develop first to third level support for CMS used; first level support point for intranet editors (Pharmaceutical Industry)


  • Constitution of office (find offices, hire employees, train employees in internal software and workflows) in Switzerland (Book vendor)
  • Implement book vending platform (Financial Industry)


  • Transform information services from print to online: introduction of e-journals; introduce reference database; implement online book vending platform; training for web-based database search (Pharmaceutical Industry)

Project Management, Consulting and Training for Information Centers