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Successful event at Frankfurt Bookfair 2015: The Next Generation Information Management

On Friday 16th October the DGI  (German Association for Information & Knowledge) in collaboration with the PAID and the P-D-R hosted a hot spot session at the Frankfurt Bookfair entitled “The Next Generation Information Management”, to give cross industry information professionals and providers the opportunity to think about the future and actively engage with each other to learn the part that they can play in this evolution. The event was generously sponsored by Rights Direct.

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PAID Jahrestagung 2015 in Bamberg beginnt

Endlich ist es wieder soweit: der PAID (Pharma Arbeitskreis Information & Dokumentation) tagt heute und morgen in Bamberg. Das Programm ist wieder spannend:
– ein Workshop mit Reyes Consulting zu Elicitation Techniques & Social Engineering
– eine Einführung in Social Media Monitoring durch die ForschungsWeb GmbH
– Smart Information Management mit Empolis
– Business Intelligence in der Praxis
– Wissensmanagement in der Praxis

Schon mal vormerken: die PAID-Jahrestagung 2016 findet vom 18.-20. April 2016 statt.